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What’s in a Name?

October 8, 2010

Today’s post is dedicated to my beautiful daughter Bo. Bo is seven today and was given her name in honor of her strong, but small start in the world. Born seven weeks early, she burst into the world fearless and in need of very little help. Now at seven, she takes every opportunity to get mommy to help her with everything from a glass of water to getting dressed. I’m the sucker.


Naming your organization or product might seem like an easy task, but hundreds of organizations get it wrong.
My quick rules for success:

1. Easy to remember
2. Distinct from other names, especially those in the same field
3. Related to a potential domain name you may use
4. Communicates “what you do” in some way – even creatively
5. Is a launching board for the messaging that will accompany your product/service
6. Gets the reader to generate a “picture” about what you do

How to find that “perfect” name?
It all starts with some simple diarrhea of the pen…
1. Write ANY and EVERY thing that comes to mind down. Words, phrases, pictures, emotions, etc.
2. Use a thesaurus to expand the list if there is a concept you like, just not the word
3. Test out your favorites on your own, personal focus group of friends and colleagues
4. Throw out the “iffies” and get focused
5. Imagine the front-runners in the form of a logo or other uses
6. Due diligence: if you intend to protect your name, check with the US Patent and Trademark office
7. Search for available domains using a tool like
8. Adjust, fine tune, and enjoy the fruits of your labor

Doing this on a larger scale is a similar process wrapped in a great big ball of strategy and positioning.
Need help with naming your product or service? Consider BrandomActs. (Now that’s a great name!)

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  1. Kristen Svobodny permalink
    October 12, 2010 5:11 pm

    “It all starts with some simple diarrhea of the pen…” Great visual. In college, it was always “throw up on paper.” Either way, I’m with ya – a great way to get started on any naming or writing task!

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