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Beautifully Imperfect: Letterpress

October 14, 2010

Letterpress is making a comeback…and I’ve found my favorite shop: Cranky Pressman
He’s an ornery bugger, but I like him — here’s an excerpt from their site:

“Cranky Pressman is a commercial letterpress located in the depressed town of Salem, OH. The sole reason we still operate this primitive sweatshop is to serve our growing list of persnickety customers throughout the country. We produce custom letterpress printing for graphic designers, illustrators, art directors and all manner of creative professionals with their black turtlenecks, pipes and lofty ideas. We don’t tout design work ourselves but instead break our backs to make you look good.”

What does Brandom Acts think?
Cranky Pressman provides great “know-how” for even a letterpress virgin.
Make a statement with your next business card design…slam a metal letter into it!


1. Bad-tempered and combative.
2. Stubborn.
3. In need of a hug.
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