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Social Media for the Visual Learner

November 10, 2010

If you are like me, you like to SEE (literally) what people are saying…typically with pictures. And if you like to draw out a process or the stakeholders of a team and “where” they fit, you might be too.

This social media diagram helps visual learners, like me, self-diagnose our emotional/psychological tendencies based on what media we choose. While the intent is humor, the diagram drives home two points:
1. the value of “infographics”
More than just data, a picture can help convey some conclusions.
2. which social media you use says something about you/your organization
Mass Comm 101: Marshal McLuhan continues to be right!


Check out this March 2010 collection on pamorama of 35 Great Social Media Infographics.
Just like traditional media, social media require that you use the right vehicle to get the right message to the right people. Knowing the “who” and “how” for each option will help you fine-tune your choices.

So what do you want to do? Lead the thinking regarding a concept or industry? Engage in dialogue? Find employees? Like different keys start different cars…different social media create different results and different perceptions about your organization.

Conclusion: If I were you, I’d draw a picture.

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