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Locavore or Just Loco?

November 18, 2010

Every couple of years, our evolving culture pushes the limits of what gets space in Webster’s Dictionary.
When “ain’t” made it in, grammarians like me gasped in a collective shock.

While we are nearing the next update of the dictionary, let’s reflect on the 2009 additions…my personal favorite being “locavore:” Those who prefer to eat locally grown/produced food.

I am going to develop a webisode about locavores who made a few frenemies on their staycation. Really?

A fair warning, anything added to the dictionary since the 1980 edition I keep at-hand, will not be allowed into a Scrabble game with me.

  1. acai
  2. carbon footprint
  3. cardioprotective
  4. earmark
  5. fan fiction
  6. flash mob
  7. frenemy
  8. goji
  9. green-collar
  10. haram
  11. locavore
  12. memory foam
  13. missalette
  14. naproxen
  15. neuroprotective
  16. pharmacogenetics
  17. physiatry
  18. reggaeton
  19. shawarma
  20. sock puppet
  21. staycation
  22. vlog
  23. waterboarding
  24. webisode
  25. zip line
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