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November 29, 2010

Guilty. Just like anyone, I commit the occasional typo. I am very good at proofreading, just not my own work. This is true for most people, who tend to glaze across the errors, knowing exactly what they MEANT to write. As I continue to work independently, the lack of extra eyes in the office make every moment grammatically risky.

While everyone should be using a spell-check system, these helpful dictionaries can’t tell you that, although correctly spelled, you’ve used the wrong word. Would the rabbit rather eat a carat or a carrot? The spell-check doesn’t care.

Here is an online tool call Grammarly that not only checks your spelling and your grammar, it even does a plagiarism review, offers suggestions for enhanced vocabulary and recognizes words used out of context.

I put the typo found below to the test. Satan is indeed a word, but clearly not what was meant. Although Grammarly requires a short paragraph to support a context check—with a few words on presents, reindeer and cookies—it let me know that it was probably Santa that I loved.

This site features the 100 most misspelled words (misspelled is one of them)…
My biggest spelling peeve that did not make the list:
your/you’re (you are)

Vacuum did make the list, but I much prefer my Mom’s tip on remembering the correct spelling:
“You got to (two) use (uu) a vacuum.”

Until next time. Piece.

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