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Jingle Sells

December 13, 2010

It’s nearing Christmas and I couldn’t pass up the pun.

Jingles: love them or hate them, they work. They span back to the 1920’s at the dawn of radio, where the “Wheaties Quartet” first sang about the “…best food of man” for the General Mills breakfast cereal. Today, companies continue to lean on the musical hook as a way to get the listener to tune in. At the very least–if the spoken drivel between the music is lost–a good jingle will stick in your head throughout the day.

For example:
1. Who would have thought B-O-L-O-G-N-A spelled (phonetic) baloney!?
Thank you Oscar Meyer.
2. “Double Your Pleasure..” Chew their gum and be hot.
Doublemint Gum

Modern Miracles in the Jingle:
1. “Five…five dollar…” I don’t even need to go on. You know who owns this jingle!
2. McDonald’s has nailed the jingle with “I’m Lovin’ It.”
The jingle’s musical genre changes based on the commercial (and audience).
an actual commercial
an amazing gospel version I found on You Tube

While the jingle still remains strong, creating music from scratch can be expensive. Some companies are turning to popular songs and reinventing them for their products. To help you keep the jingle alive, here are some DIY options.

Audacity – it’s free multi-track software.
1. add your own score or buy a royalty free option – I love this site:
2. add the melody and harmony

For custom songs to accompany life, not necessarily your products, check out I’ve got to contact these folks about expanding the tool to include a commercial option. I did a birthday song as a test and it was too easy and too good.

Finally – for folks with a small, local reach, you can’t beat involving the community. Check out what one local high school created for its local True Value.

Monday. Let’s roll.

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  1. Mary permalink
    December 13, 2010 4:09 pm

    That McDonald’s youtube version is so funny when they are toweling him so he can continue to sing! I’m lovin’ it.

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