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So Much Better than a Hallmark

January 4, 2011

Sorry Hallmark. You are dear to my heart, as I dreamed once I would write and design greeting cards. And although getting a card from someone still ranks high up there for me…I’m sending all my readers a cute idea well in advance of Valentine’s Day for impressing the apple of your eye.

1. Deck of Cards
They don’t even have to new. If you are like our family, you probably have several decks laying around the house that add up to 49…50…or 51 cards. As long as they have the Ace of Hearts, you’re in!

2. Marking Pen
The photo illustrates exactly what to do.

3. Your Own Plan for Presentation
Simply put the two cards under his/her pillow. – or –
Put them in an envelope enclosed in a letter. – or –
Sit down to a game of cards and plan the deal to be sure the message is received.
The options on delivering your message are limitless.

Both personally and professionally — creativity includes your choice of medium (or materials). Use the ordinary in an extraordinary way. “Effective” and “expensive” aren’t mutually inclusive.

Here’s to reaching your creative potential:
“Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?”
Sun Tzu

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