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STAMPede: e-Mail Can’t Do This

January 10, 2011

There is no doubt that technology is diminishing the inclusion of traditional direct mail in today’s marketing mix. While e-mail and other forms of online communication deliver the interactivity and track-ability we all crave, creative minds are keeping the letter alive.

1. Because the price never goes down…
Total Cost: less than $1.00
Pay attention to the next postage hike (none foreseen yet in 2011, but hang in there) and send out 10 “make-up” stamps and a note about your  services. Relate to the convenience you just provided and your ability to notice the “little things.”

2. When it MUST get opened…
Total Cost: less than $2.00
I’m not done using 1-cent stamps. When your letter must get opened, use a manila envelope and coat it with enough 1-cent stamps to cover postage. At the very least, the recipient will need to see what kind of a nut sent something like that. Although the postmaster may not think you are awesome, a recipient with the right sense of humor will appreciate your creativity.

3.Custom postage
Total Cost: less than $20.00
When “wow” is what you are looking for. Send customized stamps as a way to welcome a new business. Better yet, send a business a book of stamps with YOUR logo. Every time they grab a stamp, they’ll think of you, and the recipients of their letters will too!

Get your stamps at zazzle.

Just don’t do this…
Although if you follow this link, you’ll read and see that this piece actually made it!

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