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Feb 14: I’m in Love with These Ideas

February 14, 2011

Occasionally I just need a Monday morning brainstorm. In case you do too, proceed.

Popping Up
Don’t wait for your customers to find your message, find them and deliver it! ADT perfects stalking its target market with this piece slid under resident doors. The box pops open with a rubber band mechanism.  I especially like the ingenious use of delivery.

There are a ton of pop-up options sans the home invasion. Popup Mailers offers a wide variety of choices, and the opportunity to contact their “cardboard engineers” should you need something even more unique.

An Apple a Day (at least for a month)
Now this would be a memorable gift from the physician at your next physical. A tube labeled for the (potential) 31 days of the month and filled with apples.

Not Just Another Healthcare Calendar
Definitely too risque for most, but clearly a hilarious gift for the orthopedist in your life. This 12-month pin-up calendar was created for a German imaging firm to promote the quality of its services, not necessarily its taste.

If I were a dentist, I would totally pay to produce these loyalty punch cards for the local candy counter…complete with my name and number.

Promo Gifts
I just saw this new swag item today. Flatten it out, fold it up, fill it up. I can’t help but see this thing imprinted like an I.V. bag (turned upside down) and promoting a blood drive. You are welcome Red Cross.

Because It’s Valentines Day
Way to take the Valentine’s Day theme outside of the box AND onto the floor! Roswell Park Cancer Institute used the idea to promote cancer screenings. Great in a healthcare setting for promoting tips for talking to your physician, use the classic conversation heart to draw attention to the conversation you want to start.

I am happy to imagine these things up all day for you.
You can “LUV ME” and visit Brandom Acts.
Happy V-day all!

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