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Leap to Action

February 28, 2011

It’s February 28th: the last day of the month and the 366-day countdown to planning how you will take advantage of February 29, 2012.

Hospitals: get ready for your leap babies
Ballet Companies: take advantage of the theme and grow your season-ticket sales
Travel Agencies: deals to Australia would be nice to see the leaping kangaroos
Chuck E. Cheese: there had better be some free tokens waiting for those born on 2/29
Pet Stores: I expect a deal on frogs
Bungee Jumping attractions: you probably need to celebrate the entire year
Retailers: 29 percent off of my purchases and plenty of $29 deals, please
Health Clubs: jump-start your audiences’ fitness with a leap day enrollment deal
Non-profits or Charities: a great day for a once-every-4-years event with a goal to raise $29,000 dollars!

February 29, 2012 is a Wednesday. So not only will it be leap day, but you should also be on top of the proverbial hill at work (hump day). Whatever it is, this day only happens once every four years. Take advantage of the world’s awareness of the “bonus” day to “bonus” your customers.

PS. to the single ladies:
This is the year that folklore says it is OK for YOU to propose.
As an extra treat, you could show him the 2.9 carat ring you’ve selected.

But don’t get married on Leap Day, as it will reduce your anniversary gift opportunities by 75 percent. (an excuse I am sure will be exercised)

Create a strategic marketing calendar with Brandom Acts and take advantage of the art of preparation!

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