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March 22, 2011

I enjoy designing the occasional t-shirt. I am mostly called upon for the friends and family freebie.
The following example is for the golf team my sister coaches in Sartell, Minnesota.
Question #1: what is your mascot.
Answer: we’re swords.
Question #2: really?

OK. So they are actually the “Sabres.”
noun: a stout single-edged cavalry sword, having a curved blade

All sorts of thoughts run to my mind: sabre-toothed golfer…nah; slicing…no; saber swingers…definitely no. These kids are too young to remember Chi-Chi Rodriguez and his sword fighting putter routine.
Think! Finally, the immortal words of Ron Burgundy came to mind “I’m kind of a big deal.”

Kind of = sort of = sword of! And the simple design was born:

Now try it on.

It’s always smart to get an idea of how your artwork looks actually on a shirt. There are dozens of sites offering free vector and psd artwork that let you simulate your shirt art. Choose the color and style and “try on” your art.

These two examples are from:

Although I’ve only been to Missouri a few times, I agree with their motto of “show me.” I use apparel art for all sorts of mock-ups, and insist on them when developing identity guidelines for corporate wearables.

While the Sartell Sabres are not likely worried about misuse of their identity, some organizations wage a tremendous battle against stretched, mis-colored, revamped and otherwise tarnished versions of approved imprints. Brand integrity requires spot-on reproduction. Kinda-“sworda” won’t work.

“Show me.” That’s what most vendors want and what most employees want, too.

Click on the shirt below to get the excerpt regarding logos and wearables developed by Brandom Acts for NJPA.

Next step: get yours.

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  1. Duff Erholtz permalink
    March 22, 2011 7:54 pm

    You never cease to amaze me! Very clever sword play!!

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