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Sum is Better than One

April 18, 2011

True success comes from connecting the individual actions of your employees to your shared organizational goals. More than anything, employees want to know that their individual contributions actually make a difference. If they are working hard, yet spinning their wheels towards an uncertain destination, you’ve failed them. And no matter the riches, high performing employees will leave you.

Great leaders are great team builders.
They understand that a goal must first be defined and then the team and tools organized around making it happen. If you aren’t shining a light on what the path is, how can you expect your team to find the way? The sum of the parts will be stronger than individual efforts.

In an increasingly competitive business landscape. You must be ready to function as a team.

Step 1: Be sure your mission is defined and widely known.

Step 2: Create specific goals that focus you towards achieving your mission.
Make sure you have “SMART” goals.
pecific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely

“Gain new customers.” Not SMART.
“Grow customer base 5% by July 1st, 2011.” CORRECT!

Step 3: Organize the contribution of each department and/or individual towards achieving the goals.

Step 4: Goals are your constitution, not just words on paper. Reward, plan, communicate, etc. with your eyes always on achieving the goals and the actions that contribute to them. On the flip-side, correct behaviors that aren’t.

It’s not rocket science. It’s much more difficult than that.
Individual preferences, personalities and passions, if not guided in a shared, unified effort, are simply organizational waste. Even disagreements are that much easier when the goal is shared.

Work on creating teamwork in your organization today.
Meaningful goals, in which everyone shares a stake, will get you started.

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