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A Quick 9.

May 3, 2011

Being able to incorporate fun and laughter into my day is a must. While it also comes with an equal balance of frustration, coaching golf, especially young golfers, provides ample opportunities to giggle.

Here’s what’s happened in just the last two weeks:

While helping a golfer on the driving range early in the season, she could not figure out why her wedge shots were not traveling higher in the air. After examining the iron, she was mistaking the ‘6’ on her iron as a ‘P’ (for pitching wedge). I still don’t see the resemblance. I’m not sure if I would have felt better or worse if she was confusing a ‘5’ with a sand wedge ‘S’.

While helping a group of girls to their hole to start an event, I reminded them they should “play the red tees today.” Responding to me quickly with concern, a young girl exclaimed, “but I only brought white tees.”

I’ve spent plenty of time trying to explain the “line” on a putting green that you shouldn’t step on, why you can’t shoot a score of 91 (nine holes) when there is a 10-stroke rule in effect and why applying lotion to your hands on the first tee is a bad idea.

Outside of coaching, I have hosted (and attended) a golf outing our two. Here are “quick 9” golf products I found for your next event or when you just want to be sure you incorporate fun into your day, too:

1. Buttheads. I can’t say much more than brilliant.

2. Butthead covers is now AB Golf Design.
They have branched out to do custom covers that can really draw attention to you!

3. Golf pencil sharpener, marketed as “Saving Trees One Pencil At A Time.” …Really?

4. Or this one, at least it also fixes ball marks.

5. You can negotiate with China for these ball-shaped balms.

6. TeeMates – so cute.

7. Promote your pharmacy, or at least a cure for the shanks.

8. High tech audience? Golf ball USB.

9. If you MUST get a golf towel (“yawn”)…get one like this.

Happy hacking.

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